Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Upstate New York

In between the sads, I found time to enjoy myself a bit this past week in Buffalo, from sponge candy to Bingo. It all began with an 11 hour drive that made way for lots of bonding!

As soon as we arrived, we had to stop at our favorite pizza dive, Maria's. It's amazing.

Their pizza is how I define pizza. Most importantly, pepperonis must be up like a cup!

I'm pretty sure all I did was eat on this trip. I met up with lots of family at Anchor Bar in Downtown Buffalo. It's where wings were born back in 1964. They truly are a treat!

One of my favorite afternoons was spent taking a quick snooze by the fire. Later that night, I roasted marshmallows and made s'mores with family. I'd been craving s'mores for weeks!

The moment tears fell on this trip was when singing, and hearing everyone sing, Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound... A beautiful song for a beautiful Grandma. Love you!!