Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wine & Design - Take Four

It's obvious I love, love, love, LOVE this place and concept. I've enjoyed:

4. Raleigh Skyline

This most recent time, Whimsical Raleigh Skyline, was a blast. We had a group of 14, and we were outside overlooking our subject, the Raleigh Skyline. It was a beautiful evening.

Since this was a special & fun occasion, I pulled a treat yourself, and I splurged on an Edible Arrangement to share. Now, the vase was Carolina blue & white, and I've also been in search of a spirited pen holder. So, all stars aligned and this lovely fruit bouquet was meant to be.

Here we are smocked up, prepped and ready to begin our masterpieces.

Just painting away... Putting the sky in skyline!

These were the goals for our end results:

I love spending time with these amazing ladies.

Here we all are (minus two) finished and happy after a most fun night. Take five!?